Friday, July 8, 2011

new home

moving out to , meet me there ;)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Counting Days...

it's been a very bery long time since the last post right?

So many things to do !
The most thing i MUST do right now is Study for Monday's Exam.
oh my ...
I hate EXAM !

But yes..
again n again..
i have some promises with myself , with my bro, with my daddy, and my God for sure.. (:

i cant disappoint them..

For the start, i do a great JOB! :D

1st Exam is Knowledge Management..
I got 82 ! hmm.. a lil bit disappoint.. But its okay.
I think i can hit A for this lesson.
hehe.. I wish.

Next. 2nd exam : Anapersis Lab.
amazingly i can do it smoothly.
i'm quite sure for this lesson. (:

Its a good start right?
okay, the 3rd is haunted me !
it's my biggest nightmare at all..
i wish i can do it perfectly. :)

Ah yes.
Yesterday me n Kamisu Kamakan made a birthday Surprise for XinXin..
Check the story here :
What an amazing day yesterday..
We laugh a lot !

okay then..
i must study now..
i really really dont want to fail.....
not this time. (:

Wish me luck , people...
and good luck for you too !

Bunch of love,

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Monday !

Today i'm back to my lovely Dorm ! (:

its so messy here...
But now, its already clean n smells good !

I clean it for about 2 hours. Geez, so tired !

Bcos of that, i cant do my 1st plan.. (do my 2nd Blog) *sigh

Today is 26th right?

I hv a meeting with BP n DPI HIMSISFO. And guess what? One of My friend bring her Dog ! yey ! its baby Golden Retriever.. So Cute ! i'll post the photo later. (:

Tonigh i hv a conference call with Kamisu Kamakan. Not all of them.. Just Michael, Mario n Wilton. I laugh so much. i feel more tired than before now ! hahaha.
its so happy to hear some GOOD NEWS from them. it really make my night ! love them. hehe.

Tomorrow i'll go to Gramedia to buy some stuff.. and then.. i'll do my Project with My friends. i hope it'll done quickly. (:

Tonight My Mommy send a message to me. She ask what kind of Clothes did i want.. aaa. Happy. hehe.

Kamisu Kamakan'll Gathering on this weekend ! Cant wait ! hehe. (:

Stay Tune , People. hehe.

Okay then..
i'm Done..

Ah yes, i think for the next post , i'll write down the BAD stories too..
So it'll be GOOD n BAD stories of Mine. (:

so, byebye people.
i think i'll sleep early today.
feel so sleepy !

cya .


Monday, January 4, 2010

Feel Free to Ask. (:

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The End of Holiday.

Almost done.
yes, my holiday is almost done.

I kinda lazy today.
Just watch DVD today. nothing else..
so lazy right?

yeah, i hope this LAZY DAY would never come again.
I really want to make my RESOLUTIONS come true..
hmm. i cant publish my resolutions here. Just want to keep it myself. hehe.

okay then.
because yesterday i kinda busy of my DVD. *again*, so i cant post my SWEET STORIES.
so, i'll post it with TODAY's sweet stories. *if today HAVE a sweet story*.. haha..

Okay then, its 18th right?

My College time isnt on Monday. But Wednesday.. i kinda forgot about this yesterday. But when i remember it, oh.. what can i say? stupidly happy ! haha. (yeah, but i still hv to go to the college on Monday.. unless it is not for study. :D )

After new year, especially yesterday i cant sleep well. Because i cant stop thinking about what to do next. I hv a plenty of idea for my Journal, my Study, my Family, my Friends, my Task, n many more. I think i really need another 'Ideas Book'. I cant remember those ideas isnt it? sigh* i really need to go to the bookstore. Maybe Tuesday i'll go there.. (:

I hv another BIG Dinner yesterday. My brother in law is here. he's from aussie. aah. so happy. we eat too much AGAIN. haha.

My Brother's Girlfriend told me that there is a colourful converse shoes with a cheap prize in TA. Gosh, i want it ! maybe i'll take a look at them when i go to the bookstore.. hoho.

okay, its time for Today's sweet stories. hmmm.. its difficult. because today i almost doing nothing unless watching korean dvd. Errr, maybe about the film . i love this film so much.. 'a love to kill'.. yeah, even i hate the ending .. but i like the girl ! haha. and the story too.. its so touching. True love. haha. (melankolis).. no no.. i can feel their feeling.. dunno why. aah. again, i love the girl.. i wanna hv THAT curly hair. haha.. i wish i can hv it SOMEDAY ! if i dare enough.. hahaha.

tomorrow i'll be back to my dorm. yeah, i miss my room so much.. eventhough i'm pretty sure that it is so messy in there now.. haha.

i'll do my NEW Blog tomorrow at my Room ! hehe.

My New Clothes n Bag will arrive about 2-3 more days. Happy !

To be continued. Stay Tune ! haha.

okay, i hvnt shower yet.
sorry. haha. ;p

hugs n kisses,

Friday, January 1, 2010

01 January 2010

1st DAY of 2010 !

What a lovely day..

Another Sweet Stories on New Year's Eve :

C Sherly n C Yoan come n stay in New Year's Eve..

We ate too much at MAY STAR. *yumm*

We watch PONYO at apartment. Whad a nice n funny story for New Year's Eve. (:

There's Ice Cream's Party !! woohoo*

ALMOST New Year ! We watch fireworks party form the apartment ! Jakarta is on FIRE ! soo cool ! hehe.

Today, 01 Jan 10. We eat SUSHI TEI ! yummy ! hoho.

I bought a New SWEET JOURNAL ! ouch. i love it so much ! i bought some cute pens too !

Tomorrow's Plan is Shopping n Watching Movie. I hope The Plan'll successfully DONE ! (:

TO BE CONTINUED. i hv decided that my future posts will contained another SWEET STORIES of MINE .. (:

Thats 'many' SWEET STORIES ya?


I'm so happy yesterday n today !

I wish the next, next, next, n so on will be as happy as yesterday n today !

cya people.
i havent dinner yet.
have you?

another bunch of love,

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Almost New Year !

Hello, People !

Just want to share another SWEET stories of mine today..

so.. it's 5th right?

My Father is coming !

Today we hv dinner together.. it was FUN!

My Mommy said that on Next Chinese New Year, we'll go to Makassar to hv some Family's Gathering ! Gosh, cant wait ! :D

We are going to Taman Palem to meet some Cousins.

There'll be a family's gathering at PIK. (my cousin's house)
*Old n New*

Again,still TO BE CONTINUED..
But i'm pretty sure that'll be another sweet stories..

stay tune , people.

Another SWEET STORY about MiNe..
I have A LOT OF RESOLUTIONS for 2010.

I wish i can do it successfully..

ok then, another DVDs waiting for me..

cya people..

ah yes, tomorrow my mom n dad will be going to HONGKONG..
wish they hv an interesting n unforgettable trip.

love you, pi.. mi..


cya people..

Bunch of Love ,
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